About theologetics

Welcome to my study. There's plenty of coffee and a view of the San Francisco Bay. It's not exactly quiet here; the rumble of the city outside is punctuated by the spontaneous high-pitched voices of children, singing and bantering.

There's always a pile of books on my desk: books on theology, philosophy, education, parenting, politics, my kids' textbooks, a few novels, and my bible. It's a glorious mess.

You see, we homeschool classically in the left-most city of the left-most coast. If you think we must be crazy, you're right. We're lovers of art and history, architecture and nature, good food, and great conversations. And we love our city, and we love humanity.

I use this space to write about my discoveries as I pursue truth, goodness, and beauty with my family. Care to join us on our journey?