Worldly Cessationists!

A few months ago, Mark Driscoll called cessationism "worldiness" (*1). Very few people noticed or cared, but the few who did were pretty offended by it. And rightfully so.

Christians who believe the gifts have ceased are persuaded by the testimony of Scripture (Heb 1.1-2). Yeah, that's right--the same way continuationists reach their conclusions. It's pure Ad Hominem to call one party "worldly" just because their (ahem, identical) hermeneutics lead them to a different conclusion.

I almost jumped on the bandwagon and wrote Driscoll off like I'm prone to doing when people make irresponsible accusations. But I restrained myself on account of the significant impact Driscoll has had on my life over the years, and waited to hear what he would say next.

Then, a few weeks ago, Doug Wilson interviewed Driscoll, and the conversation that developed was phenomenal. I've listened to it a few times now as I continue to work out my understanding of continuationism. Surprisingly, Driscoll is exceedingly gracious, to the point that I actually find myself agreeing with each of his points.

Their discussion is well worth 26 minutes of your time. I highly recommend taking a listen:

More thoughts on continuationism coming soon...

*1 - Video can be found here.

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