Seeds of a Vision

I'm a dreamer.

Not so much in the John Lennon way, but as in I'm the dumb horse who always needs a carrot dangling in front of him to go anywhere. Over the years, I've had a lot of "carrots." Either someone puts one there for me or I come up with one to chase for myself. In fact, it's such a chronic condition that I've learned never to talk about about my "dream of the week" since they tend to come and go so frequently and I never see any of them through.

In my last post I made the point that God isn't so much concerned with helping us fulfill our dreams as helping us fulfill His. So as ideas pass in and out of my mind like cars through a busy San Diego intersection, I try to watch for the fingerprints of the Holy Spirit on each one. Would this idea advance the Kingdom of Heaven (Mt 6.33)? Would it serve the Kingdom's citizens (Mt 25.40)? Could it raise up disciples worthy of the gospel (Php 1.27)?

As I've methodically tested each of my dreams against Scripture, somewhere in the back of my mind a vision began to form from Scripture. This one is different from the rest. Instead of starting with my (God-given but fallen) imagination and then hoping I can conform it to God's will, Scripture has taken full reign and is designing a vision from the ground, up.

Here's what I know. We are commanded to:
  • Be set apart as holy (2 Tim 2.21)
  • Bear fruit in good works (Gal 5.22; Col 1.10; Tit 3.14) 
  • Increase in the knowledge of God (Jn 17.3; Php 3.10-12 Col 1.10) 
  • Humbly, gently, patiently bear with one another for the sake of unity (Eph 4.1-3) 
  • Avoid foolish controversies (1 Tim 1.4; 2 Tim 2.23) 
  • Be wise in our interactions with outsiders (1 Cor 5.12; Col 4.5-6) 
  • Know what we believe, that some may come to repentance (2 Tim 2.24-26; Tit 1.9)
I don't have any grand plan for realizing all of this instantly, but I do have a way to help the Church move toward these mandates.

I'm going to be migrating all my writings to a new website, where they will soon be compiled with other writings from other Christians' perspectives. Not just the Reformed denomination; many denominations. The aim would be that as we gather our views and ideas of Scripture into one place, we would have a new platform to humbly, gently, patiently bear with one another for the sake of unity. We would host an open forum to share ideas and strategies for good works to the glory of Christ. We would teach Scripture so that Christians may increase in their knowledge of God. And as we teach, share and pray in unity, the lost among us might be granted repentance leading to a knowledge of truth.

So far, I've yet to see this done. Every Christian blogroll I've read is based solely in a single camp. We don't take kindly to border-crossing, you know? But my dear friends,

Christ is coming back for His Church;
Not His churches!

If I could invest all my life's writings into one goal, it'd be to see the Church overcome her internal segregation and reunite under one faith; one Scripture; one God (1 Pet 3.8).

The website will reside at the domain: 
The mission will be simple: "Know What You Believe."

Stay tuned for more details. In the mean time, let me know if you're interested in contributing.

Soli Deo Gloria.


  1. Hmmm... Interesting vision my sister. Very interesting. I'm wondering how diverse of the Body you're talking about here. As always, I'm willing to contribute. I really like this idea. I have a real passion for this exact issue. Again, I'm just curious as to how specialized you think the different parts of a Body are supposed to be. And curious as to how you think to deal with majorly different views.

  2. Still working out the specifics.

    I suppose we'll formulate a "Core" statement of belief, (perhaps the Apostle's Creed?) that everyone must claim in order to initiate posts. Anyone will be able to comment, just like a normal blogroll.

    I absolutely think the body should be diverse and in its diversity serve different functions. But it grieves me so that the separate parts all seem to hate each other. That's what we will try to overcome.

    We'll also have to come up with guidelines for grace which address what is considered a "valid argument" and what isn't. Obviously Ad Hominem will be strictly prohibited... that sort of thing.

  3. I agree that there is and has been a really terrible amount of hatred within the Body. It is definitely long over due for the unity of the Spirit to be evident in the Body's actions and not just talked about.
    I'm really just curious as to how far you think the body metaphor goes. Is both liberal and conservative Christianity to be equally accepted? Liberation theology as well as fundamentalist theology? Western and eastern Christian thought? Do all those together equal the Body? Or is some of it wrong? Are blogs that counter each other okay even if the thoughts radically different?
    Are my thoughts clear here?

  4. Oh, also, Sojouners' comment code of conduct is pretty good. If you wanted to look at that. Just go to their website and they are listed in-between the blog and the comments.

  5. I love this idea. I know for myself, that if I had not had my world rocked so strong by Christ, and been thrown into a Christianity that was night and day different from the one I grew up in, then I would know very little about God and his Kingdom. Since I was saved 8 years ago, I have had the benefit of changing my beliefs several times thanks to discussion, challenges, personal experiences, and the leading of the Holy Spirit. Whether we admit it or not, we naturally will always read the bible through the filter of our culture, experiences, beliefs, and desires. It takes quite an effort to get past that and become a "Truth Seeker" vs a "Doctrine Defender". I am not out to defend any certain doctrine. I am out to find truth, and share what I believe I have already found. As much as time allows, I look forward to sharpening and challenging all those who are willing, and I look forward to being sharpened and challenged by all those who are willing. In the end, I hope some of my beliefs change, because as long as you are growing, changing, and struggling with new revelations, then you are pretty safe from deception.