Seeker Friendly

Is your church "Seeker-Friendly?" Does it look something like this?

Paul Washer makes the outstanding point in this sermon, "We ought to be 'seeker friendly,' but we must realize that there is only one Seeker, and He is God. If we are striving to make our church and our message accommodating, let us make them accommodating to Him.
If we are striving to build a church or ministry, let us build it on a passion to glorify God and a desire to not to offend His Majesty. To the wind with what the world thinks about us! We are not to seek the honor of Earth, but the honors of Heaven."

Here's why I agree with Washer that God is the only seeker, and we should build our churches with only Him in mind...

Contrary to what a lot of modern churches believe, mankind is not trying desperately to fill a "God-shaped-hole." My understanding of Scripture is that men are incapable of seeking their own salvation. Here's why I say that:
  •  No one seeks for God. (Ro 3.11)
  • The intent of man's heart is evil from his youth. (Gen 6.5; 8.21)
  • Our hearts are deceitful. (Jer 17.9; Prov 14.12)
  • None is righteous. (Ps 14.3; 53.3; Is 64.6; Rom 3.10)
  • We are sinners by birth. (Ps 51.5; 58.3; Rom 5.12)
  • Sinners have no ability to change themselves. (Jer 13.23; John 3.19; 8.34; Rom 8.7)
  • No one can come to Christ unless the Father draws him. (John 6.44)
  • An unregenerate man cannot even understand spiritual things. (Matt 13.11; John 3.3; 1 Cor 1.18; 2.14) (*1)
Yet the Gospel--the Good News-- is that "The Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost" (Luke 19.10). And He taught that His Father is also seeking (Jn 4.23). Jesus tells story upon story to illustrate God seeking the lost. Consider the parable of the one sheep that wandered (Lk 15.4) or the woman who sweeps into the night for the lost coin (Lk 15.8). In fact Jesus blatantly tells his disciples, "You did not choose me, but I chose you" (Jn 15.16).

This type of language is used throughout the rest of the New Testament as well. (See Acts 13.48; Ro 8.29-30; 9.11; 11.7; Eph 1.5,11; 2 Tim 2.10.)

For this reason, I believe that the Church exists to make much of God by worshipping Him (Jn 4.23), studying His word (2 Tim 2.15), loving one another (Jn 13.35; Ro 12.10; Gal 6.2), and equipping the saints to evangelize the world (Tit 2.11-12; Eph 4.12; Mat 28.19-20)... NOT to persuade or manipulate fallen sinners into conversion, for such manipulation is both foolish and impossible. As we glorify God, He will draw people to Himself, for He alone is mighty to save.

*1 - I pulled this list from another post in which I discussed Total Depravity more thoroughly.

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