Oh How He Loves Us

Can anyone else empathize with this strange tendency I have to study God like one would study a science? I love Grudem’s Systematic as much as the next gal, and I immerse my studies in the great works of old dead guys (granted, at this moment they are much more alive than I've ever been). But somehow I find myself repeatedly hitting the same brick wall of incomprehensibility, which leads to frustration, which leads to depression, which leads to apathy. And apathy, if welcomed long enough, destroys my faith.

So, check this out. In John 15 Jesus teaches on the relationship between the vine and the branches. He says some difficult things in this sermon: About bearing fruit; about some proving to be His disciples while others are cut off and thrown into the fire. That's pretty harsh, Jesus!
Then, right in the middle of it, centrally placed as if the refrain of a song, He makes this comforting, reassuring, glorious statement: "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love." (v. 9) Abide. How on earth does that translate in my puny little brain as, "Research my love?" Or, "Figure it out so you can move onto the next topic?" Foolish Kristi! Abide!

I think of the love song He sings to Israel, "Behold, I will allure her, and bring her into the wilderness, and speak tenderly to her. And there I will give her her vineyards and make the Valley of Trouble a door of hope." (Hosea 2.14,15a) His voice is gentle. He knows her heart and how to win her; she isn't a mystery to Him. He knows her better than she knows herself. And when He allures her, she responds.
"And there she shall answer
as in the days of her youth,
As at the time when she
came out of the land of Egypt." (v.15b)

Do you remember the days of your youth? Do you remember the first time you heard Him sing over you? The way He called your name? How about your first encounter with freedom, after a lifetime of slavery? Do remember the first time you danced shamelessly with Him? This love -- this great love -- it must invoke a response! And when it doesn't, perhaps it's because we have forgotten Egypt. (Deut 5.15)

Abba, Daddy,
Allure my heart again. Entice me with your love. Haunt me with memories of Egypt until my pride is laid to waste. Consume my thoughts with this miracle of salvation You have worked and are working in me. Stir up my spirit to long for nothing but Your embrace. Let me hear the melody You're singing over me. Call out to me, and I'll come running. I do love You.


"I want to see You face to face
Where being in Your arms
is the permanent state..."
-Phil Wickham

I'm going to dedicate a season of my writing to this response. Instead of "frontiering" the pages of Scripture, I will be quiet and listen. I'll let Him speak; I'll let Him break me. And out of that brokenness, I will worship.



  1. Wow Kristi, another window into who you are. Once you break He will rebuild you the way He wants, the way He sees and show you the way He loves.

  2. I understand where you are coming from. When we realize that we are to abide in His love and learn to just be then we are free from all of our analytical thought processes that put Him in the box we have created for Him! Freedom comes from know why we were created, to be with Him.