One Sentence

Most of us are familiar with the Ten Commandments, (the "Ten Words" according to the Hebrew Bible) and we have most of them memorized.

We know they begin with, “You shall have no other gods before me,” (Ex 20.3) followed by the nine other most important laws in Yahwism. But it’s interesting to me that the opening sentence, (verse 2,) which the Ten Words are predicated upon, is often left off:
Exodus 20.2, “I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.”
When Moses recites the Ten Words to the people once again years later in Deut 5:6, he still remembers to begin with this profound sentence. Why? Because it is this truth that commands obedience of the Ten Words. Don’t miss what Yahweh is saying to His people here! He opens with a personal reminder of His affection for Israel. “It’s Me! Don’t forget everything I’ve done for you! I set you free from slavery!”

With this bold statement in view, it becomes clear that the Ten Words are given in love, requiring love in return. Throw away the idea that they’re a list of dos and don’ts; in view of “I AM the LORD your God! I bought you out of Israel!” having no other gods is just the natural response!

If He really rescued you from slavery, He alone deserves all your worship. What sentence precedes God's Law in your life? Has He rescued you from slavery? Why do you obey Him?

Formulate a sentence that sums up why you’re a Christian. Attach that sentence with mental super glue to God’s Law… It will keep you from a thousand enticements (James 1.14).

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