Another Moon

Here's a random fact about me that nobody knows: I love full moons. Not only are they gorgeous to me, but I love how the night glows! How cool is it so see your shadow from the MOON!! But what it represents to me is key: Another month has passed; a new one is beginning. What have I done? What will I do? For as long as I can remember, this has been God's favorite way to get my attention. I'm pretty sure that every full moon for the last 4+ years has meant something significant to me.

Tonight's one.

I can't even believe God's grace in bringing me this far. And to remind me with something so majestic as the full moon... He is the one who brought me up out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery, and now I am His. From now on when the world sees me, I'll be identified as belonging to Him. The Lamb has been sacrificed in my place, and I've been set apart. He sees me as holy through Christ's blood. You know what? Everything else is chaff. I get it now...

Those of you who've known me well have seen me wander through the wilderness. And you also know that the birth of Jericho was monumental to me as the point in time when God delivered me into the Promised Land. But it turns out, the story doesn't end there. 100% of the spoils of Jericho were to be cherem cherem that is, "under ban," for the Lord. So Israel had to continue to trust Him! And what happens when Achan doesn't? He gets himself stoned. God wasn't messing around! He wanted to set them on display among the nations as fully and undeniably His (Deut. 28.9,10). That was His goal, but they had to learn to trust Him.

This full moon marks day one for me, day one of surrender. Because I can't do this alone...
Abba carry me.

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